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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I thought I was an active healthy 40 year old male, yet, this medically trained Doctor was telling me my testosterone levels were well below the healthy range. I was totally shocked.

I was lacking Vitamin D3, yet I lived in sunny California, a state that offered plenty of vitamin D3. I also ate healthily and worked out regularly.

When my doctor told me my testosterone levels were low, it was a wake up call, not only with my overall health but my family’s health too.

I was lucky. The doctor I had chosen was not only medically trained, but also holistically trained. We talked about the typical prescription options of testosterone injections and creams, but then we discussed natural alternatives.

Healthy living, supplements and the bigger picture

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that there are things you can eliminate from your life that are harming you. My doctor and I talked in great detail about the things I could cut out to improve not only to my testosterone levels but my overall long-term health.

We owe it to our families and our loved ones to be the healthiest we can possibly be. After my wake-up call, I decided that I want to make as many blissful memories as I can and to live to a healthy and active old age.

When I left the clinic, I wondered to myself why alternative treatments (or at least “pre-treatments”) to prescription drugs and surgeries were not offered more often. If your loved ones have had any struggles with health, you will already know what I’m talking about.

My grandmother passed away with dementia. 25 years ago she was just “getting old” by doctors’ standards, yet I saw first-hand how the disease progressed.  At first she would just forget little things you had talked to her about.

Over time she would mix up her daughters’ names.

Soon, my grandmother forgot my mother’s name completely.

Near the end she was even asking her own daughter, my mother, who she was and why she was there to see her. This was one of the most devastating things I have witnessed happening to a family member.

We all felt helpless.  

Then my father needed stents. He had been on prescription drugs for as long as I can remember for his high blood pressure, so if these were working, why did he require stents?

This later progressed to a heart attack. Thankfully he survived, but years later it was off to the hospital for bypass surgery and then even more stents.

To cap it off, my mother has also had autoimmune issues for decades and even fought off breast cancer.

Why was this just a part of life?

I found myself asking: “How could one of the most advanced nations’ health systems keep failing my family over and over again?”

Why does traditional healthcare jump straight to prescription medication and surgeries?

herbal medicine vs prescription drugs

I could not understand why things like Natural Herbs, Adaptogens and Minerals found in nature were not prescribed as a first step.

My doctor had discussed these with me, but why was this not common practice? Why was my experience not the norm?

Part of this could be that there is less money in prescribing diet change, exercise and natural supplements when compared to expensive prescriptions and surgery. But why wasn’t this at least a possible first step and taught in medical school?

My family’s experience with healthcare issues is not an exception. I know that this has not only happened to my family, but many others. You might be reading this and feeling like it all sounds very familiar to you too.

Realising this was happening everywhere, I decided to do something about it.

A lifestyle that can keep you and your family living long and healthy: Avoiding “putting health on hold”

I went to work looking for answers.

I started working with chemists, researchers, homeopathic doctors and nutritionists to develop a natural testosterone supplement solution that could help not only my problem, but everyone else out there struggling with the same situation.

Then, I tackled a product I wish would have been presented to my grandmother with Dementia along with lifestyle changes. This became a natural solution to prescriptions that would increase blood flow to the brain, create stronger neural connections, and helps the mind stay healthy for longer.

I got really excited about everything I was researching and discovering.  I started encouraging everyone I met to incorporate lifestyle changes and to take supplements. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need these supplements as we’d be receiving everything from the food we eat, but unfortunately we don’t live in that world right now.

I realized this was only part of the solution though. Creating a product to help with a problem is only one half of the coin. Sharing everything that I had learned and promoting learning around health has to be the other half. I wanted to bring in experts in their fields to talk about all areas of life that help change our health, and knowing that some of the best advice is from people that have gone through it, have those people share their experiences as well.

TruBlog: Let’s learn more about health and wellbeing together

This is why I set up TruBlog. I want to share what I’ve discovered and I want us all to learn more about healthy living together.

This blog was created to give you the free tools and expert advice from health experts to help you make the switch to living a long life free of disease.

I intend to go above and beyond for you if you’re willing to make a positive change in your life.

Everything you need to make that change is already found within you and it has become my obsession to help you reach your highest level.


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