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   About 60% of the adult human body is made up of water…AND…when that water runs low, your body lets you know – often, this comes in the form of pain. That said, many people don’t make the connection that the pain (physically AND emotionally) is being caused by a form of dehydration. Because water, and the water in our cells, play such a critical role in our body’s effective functioning, it is no surprise that nearly every organ in our bodies needs to be adequately hydrated to function properly.

Many people, even some medical professionals, confuse severe dehydration with other health issues and, therefore, patients may then be misdiagnosed and prescribed unnecessary drugs or treatment, when simply optimizing cellular hydration would resolve many of their clinical complaints without the potential side effects of drugs…Click to continue reading…

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I’m often asked if wine is good for our health and, if so, how much, how often and what kind. You Asked…here is the research…

  • A healthy serving for men = one to two drinks daily (4 oz. each), maximum;
  • A healthy serving for women = one daily (4 oz. each);

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My patients with hypothyroidism (approximately over 70% of them) often ask about stories they’ve read or heard about the effects of certain foods on their thyroid health. Soy is their most common concern (and with good reason), however, broccoli, peanuts, strawberries, kale, spinach and other vegetables are also on this list. The message my patients hear, unfortunately, is that if you have any sort of thyroid dysfunction, you shouldn’t consume these foods — ever…AND…that’s a shame, because this all-or-nothing approach means that those with thyroid problems (particularly women) remove healthy, nutritious foods from their diet when they really don’t have to…

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Penning’s from IWR Press…Launching Fresh Voices of Natural Health

Why are we beginning this article introduction about an eBook with a discussion about food when this book is about headaches? Because what we consume affects every biological function within our body, including food ingredients known to cause headaches – specifically migraines, tension headaches and allergic responses.

For the first time in the history of human existence, we are choosing to eat things that are NOT FOOD – and our bodies and diminishing quality of life show it!

The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them – it isn’t. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing, is as different as night and day.

                                        – Dr. Herbert L. Ley (1969), Former FDA Commissioner…

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When working with clients who are victims of emotional imbalances that include, but are limited to, anxiety, panic, and depression, we work together to help them balance Wholistically: body, mind and spirit.

Science has demonstrated the importance of cultivating a healthy intestinal ecology known as the – microbiota – those health-enhancing microorganisms in our digestive health – critical inhabitants   to achieve wellness.  

Research has now validated that the bacteria in your gut can directly affect your behavior, emotions and everything from the ability to lose excess weight to our immune responses. This might be surprising for many, however it’s a critical, and often overlooked factor in treating anxiety. Healing and restoring balance to one’s digestive tract, ideally with the help of a nutritionally-aware health professional like a certified Wholistic Rejuvenist practitioner, can make a huge difference in alleviating symptoms and overcoming imbalances…

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There are many factors that may affect your brain health. Optimal brain health and memory can be affected by lack of sleep or a number of other reasons including genetics, level of physical activity, and lifestyle and environmental factors. Studies are now showing how nutrition is playing a key role in brain health. As the year’s progress, cell damage in the brain can occur due to oxygen molecules called free-radicals. For those affected, it can lead to memory loss and slower cognitive processing times leading to a diagnosis of disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. (Click on image to enlarge)

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Yes, there are natural ways for you to stay healthy, active, maintain a sharp mind, and age without looking or feeling old

After age 30, testosterone levels begin to decline by about 1% per year. Is this a big deal? You bet it is! Just consider that by the time you reach age 65, your levels have declined 35 percent. Is it any wonder your “get up and go got up and went”, that romantic date night use to energize you just thinking about it and now? The effects of low testosterone can chisel away at not only your quality of life but also that of your spouse or mate.

If you’re one of the millions of men experiencing the effects of low “T” and you are willing to take easy life-style steps to become Terrific Again, here’s how to begin to not only avoid falling victim if they haven’t come knocking yet, but also to help keep your testosterone levels high, Naturally…

1.            Cortisol Control – Your adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol in response to any stressors. It not only is responsible for controlling your fight or flight responses, it also raises blood pressure and blood sugar – any wonder why men over the age of 60 usually have those responder levels out of control? Studies show that men with high cortisol levels are less competitive than men with low levels and that also plays an important role in overall emotional health. The way to keep the “T” in Terrific is to do whatever it takes to lower stress levels so your energy is directed to things that enhance your quality of life, not sabotage it…click here to continue reading…

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Sleep deficit you chalk-off as, “no big deal” actually creates a decreasing tolerance within your body and brain with dangerous implications more than just tired and sleepy daytime symptoms. Underlying causes of sleep disorders are as diverse as individuals but the consequences are now scientifically linked to cognitive decline, memory loss, brain-fog, premature aging, and even Alzheimer’s…CLICK to continue reading…

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Avoid a Shrinking Brain, Inflammation & Heart Disease, Naturally

Continuing my investigative report on the health-depleting effects of trans-fats and the oils/fats that are actually healthy, the following are updated studies important to share…Click to continue reading…

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In addition to chronic pain, most of my client’s list sleep issues at the top of their list of symptoms – especially my fibromyalgia patients since that’s a specialty of mine and have consulted with thousands worldwide.  

I have been personally challenged with sleep issues ever since my accident and subsequent toxicity syndrome many years ago – sleep disorders often experienced AFTER a trauma. Although recovered from my fibromyalgia and multiple allergic responses, getting to sleep and staying asleep, was an issue. The old adage that sleep disorders are mainly in those individuals that are type “A” (high-energy workaholics) I don’t buy into because there are so many variables. That said, those of us in THAT category – whose brain computer doesn’t remember how and when to shut down and keeps “rebooting” – need non-toxic solutions to allow us the much needed deep restorative sleep in order to achieve and maintain health.

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