Your Health Detective: Multipe Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS)

Victims of Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS©)

            As a doctor of natural health, author, medical researcher, and recovered victim of MARS/MCSS/EI, it is my goal in consulting with you to provide the necessary” tools” to rebuild your health and spread the word about how to prevent “walking in my shoes.” For purposes of education, the terms described refer to disorders that include, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndromes (MCSS) and Environmental Illness (EI) – terms that basically mean the same but identified by various health professionals differently. I coined the phrase MARS because I felt the other terms did not adequately encompass the extend of reacting to most foods and invisible saboteurs in your environment when your organs of detoxification can no longer protect you.

            I know firsthand how devastating it is to suddenly face a life of isolation, fear, stigma and pain when traditional medical experts keep echoing, “Everything is within normal range.” It is equally, if not more, challenging to have those you love and respect discount the legitimacy of your symptoms.

            Questions are constantly being asked as to why suddenly we react to substances we’ve lived with for years. Before experiencing symptoms of MARS the thought never occurs to us that ordinary household products in our home, office and public places could be affecting our health. Increasing numbers of victims have become so acute that they resort to living outdoors or in their cars. MARS forces its victims to endure multiple losses—of family and friends, employment, mobility, hobbies, tolerance to foods, the ability to participate in public, community and religious events.

            It is humbling to me as a practitioner of natural health to have many of the people I’ve helped through various stages of their illnesses share their knowledge, lessons learned and “safe” options when I was faced by the same set of symptoms after a serious accident. I believe the true definition of a quality health professional is one who learns as much from her clients as she contributes.

            MCS/EI/MARS knows no economic, ethnic or geographical boundaries; it’s a group of disorders affecting multiple body systems that changes its victim’s life forever.

            I write this with the prayer that you learn there ARE non-drug solutions to reversing your illnesses by means of wholistic detoxification – to repair damage caused by prescription or recreational drugs, years of health-depleting choices and exposure to toxic substances. It’s been twenty years since I developed MARS from prescription medications after my accident and the drugs that saved my life almost took it and left me allergic to everything!

  • Victims of Fibromyalgia, Allergic Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue & Myofascial Pain Syndrome

            “I hurt all over” is the phrase most often used by victims of these disorders. It is a phrase I used on a daily basis for many years after my life-threatening accident and the subsequent chemically-induced immune system disorder leading to multiple allergic responses.

            It is difficult, if not impossible, to convey to an observer that your pain is “real,” not imagined—even though invisible. Fibromyalgia is misdiagnosed, misunderstood and mistreated.

            My individualized consulting via telephone and Skype helps you to identify your “invisible” disorders along with detailing non-drug solutions to correct the underlying causes, while alleviating the pain and inflammation that keep eroding your quality of life. My proven approach offers three methodologies for the causal effects— toxicity of the soft and connective tissues, a damaged intestinal ecology, and food-related acceleration of symptoms. The approach outlines proven long-term solutions for healing from “the inside out”.

  • Victims of Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel, Colon & Digestive Disorders

            If you’re one of the over 62 million people in the U.S. alone who suffer from digestive disorders, a consultation with me will shed new light on the many probable causes of your illness and non-drug solutions.

            As a doctor and recovered victim of leaky gut syndrome, I only too well understand the challenges when conventional medical experts continue to prescribe drugs for symptom care, and then proceed to, at times, even deny the existence of the disorder and its probable causes—unless, of course, it’s a conventionally diagnosed disease like cancer. They continue to insist on toxic therapies, without recognizing there could be natural options to assist the body in rejuvenating.

            I also understand the frustration when your entire life changes because your gut is now literally running your life.

            There are non-drug solutions to digestive disorders; I offer you those natural solutions and lifestyle changes that will not only assist you in overcoming these disorders, but also serve as a guide for sustained wellness and prevention.

“Disease enters and leaves man as through a door,” wrote French philosopher Georges Canguilhem more than half a century ago – illustrating the notion that disease is a distinct “thing” as if it exists apart from the human body. This view prevails today toward the millions afflicted with the invisible disorders stemming from chemical exposures, health-depleting dietary choices and toxic intestinal ecology.

Your Symptoms ARE NOT All in Your Head!

With multiple chemical sensitivities and environmental illnesses (MCSS/EI), fibromyalgia (FM), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and chemically-induced immune system disorders manifesting as multiple allergic response syndromes (MARS), a not-so-different opinion has emerged among most conventional physicians, families, insurance companies and employers – an opinion that those suffering the symptoms of these disorders have some sadistic demon that brings on these “invisible” symptoms, therefore, the illness cannot demand recognition in a conventional medical world that must have double-blind studies and a scientific name for the illness in order for it to be recognized. The generalizations and varied symptomatology make for a confused, depressed, angry and sicker patient.

            With MARS, and most of the invisible illnesses, a very different opinion is finally emerging – that disease is not a separate entity, but a changed state of the organism, a disturbance of the natural equilibrium or harmony of the body systems – usually brought upon by trauma, chemicals and man-made substances not identifiable or able to be processed or neutralized by the human body.

            This is not a novel idea. Since the time of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, various remedies were prescribed to restore the body’s natural balance. Although these two views of disease appear to be incompatible, both are valuable in understanding how to reverse and manage these invisible illnesses and the resulting multiple allergic responses.

            What is equally important to note is that the insight of the past decade declares all diseases are both genetic and environmental. Most individuals who have acquired MARS are looked upon, at least, as chronic expostulates (complainers). What is grossly overlooked is the importance of detoxifying the internal organs of the liver, intestines (large and small) and the lymphatic system of toxic substances. Equally important is the commitment of making healthy life style changes by evoking Health thru Education©. Only when detoxification of these organs and nutritional and life style changes are implemented, can there be true lasting reversal of symptoms and a return to natural equilibrium of the body systems. As expressed by the late Dr. Hazel Parcells, “Cleanse the body and mind, give it the right building materials and nature will heal and rebuild.”

            The Way I See It…

            It is impossible to provide specific protocols for these invisible illnesses because each cause and effect is unique. I have worked with thousands worldwide who have regained their health by adhering to Wholistic Rejuvenation principals. That said, if you aren’t willing to eat “live” food, use time-tested detoxification nutraceuticals and therapies to reduce your overall body burden, you will not succeed.

 If you’re new to my practice and willing to allow a minimum of ninety days to feel improvement go to my website at and click on the photo of me on the telephone and go to “new client forms”. Once forms are completed, hit the “submit” button and then call the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation to schedule your telephone or Skype consultation. If you tell the customer service representative you read this blog you will receive a $100. discount for a full one-hour initial consultation that includes three follow-up emails to guide you through the initial ninety day protocol – the normal new client consultation is $240.

Working together with what I know works, you CAN restore your quality of life, Naturally.

Dr. Gloria


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