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When working with clients who are victims of emotional imbalances that include, but are limited to, anxiety, panic, and depression, we work together to help them balance Wholistically: body, mind and spirit.

Science has demonstrated the importance of cultivating a healthy intestinal ecology known as the – microbiota – those health-enhancing microorganisms in our digestive health – critical inhabitants   to achieve wellness.  

Research has now validated that the bacteria in your gut can directly affect your behavior, emotions and everything from the ability to lose excess weight to our immune responses. This might be surprising for many, however it’s a critical, and often overlooked factor in treating anxiety. Healing and restoring balance to one’s digestive tract, ideally with the help of a nutritionally-aware health professional like a certified Wholistic Rejuvenist practitioner, can make a huge difference in alleviating symptoms and overcoming imbalances…

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Daily I’m asked what health “tools” can be used to help identify some of the underlying causes of our symptoms caused by “invisible” imbalances that lead to health-depleting dis-orders. For over 20 years I have been using this over one hundred year old method of helping identify what needs to be balanced or detoxified in order to make appropriate life-style and nutritional modifications to achieve wellness. If you’re tired of symptom-care and are ready to find underlying causes, join me in this FREE TeleClass showing not only actual case studies and how their imbalances and health was restored, but a valuable eBook that you can use for later reference.  Download HTMA eBook 2016-2017and to REGISTER we’ve simplified the process by asking you to email with your first name and full email address to: In subject line place: FREE HTMA TeleClass and please share the invitation with anyone ready to take charge of their health care. Space is limited because this presentation also includes seeing my PowerPoint so everyone must register.

REMINDER: After four years of offering TeleClasses for Rejuvenation DETOX, I’m most humbled by the response and comments from those who have learned how to transform their lives and health by participating. My next series is just in time to begin the New Year with a New You. Since the TeleClass is limited in participants because of screen-sharing so you can see my PowerPoints and Educational Materials while listening to the class on the phone, you must register as soon as possible to reserve your space.

Before you get involved in all the holiday commitments and gifting, gift yourself the education and guidance to lose those extra pounds, find the cause and natural remedies for your symptoms and disorders and the secrets to aging without feeling or looking old, NATURALLY.

To view the entire brochure and dates of this series click to Download Jan-Feb ’17 Detox Class w EB link (you can click on the link and register directly)

To Register directly you can click on the pdf when viewed or CLICK HERE to Register.

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Gloria

As many of you know, I recently begun spending some of my time in Ecuador teaching and providing cooking classes to show people how to cook with foods that are NOT inflammation-inducing. In addition, this experience offers me the opportunity to expand my Health Sciences & Research division to continue to educate through my online classes. Many of you have asked about vegetables and regional dishes that you may not be familiar with and asked if I’d share some of my new discoveries. One of the root vegetables most American’s are not very familiar with is Maca. This article deals with that vegetable and its awe-inspiring health benefits.

AND, for those of you asking if my time in Ecuador changes the way I counsel my clients or classes, it DOES NOT. Since retiring from my two brick-n-mortar clinics, all my consulting is virtual via telephone or Skype…and…I place the call to you in over 19 countries – one of the advantages of our cyber global connectivity. If you’d like help in identifying causes, effects and natural solutions to your “invisible illnesses” that include inflammation and digestive disorders, go to my website and complete the forms to become a client, currently I have clients in 11 countries and often in as many as 19.

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I know what you’re thinking, I couldn’t believe it either when I read the research but I must admit it IS compelling and so I tried it. I don’t recommend, within reason, what I don’t first do myself and it was easy and no taste when I placed into my green smoothie protein shake along with my natural sweetener, Stevia.

I love avocados, I was raised in So. California on a large property that had over a dozen mature trees. As kids we’d walk home from school and pick one off the tree, peel and eat like you’d eat a banana. Today, I still consume an avocado a day for its superior protein, healthy oils and health benefits too numerous to list for this article. That said, most of us do not know that the actual large seed (pit) provides an impressive array of highly health-enhancing properties…Click to continue reading…

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The American Diabetes Association released 2014-2015 statistics from the National Diabetes Statistics Report.

They state:   

* Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes which is about 10% of the population, or 1 out of every 11 Americans

* Approximately 21 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes.  The remainder are not yet diagnosed. * Approximately 26% of Americans over the age of 65 are diagnosed with diabetes

* Nearly 1.7 million new cases are diagnosed each year

* Estimates show that 86 million Americans 20 years and over (1 out of 3) are pre-diabetes…Click to continue reading…

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After the success of our full-day “Invisible Illnesses” Summit in Gig Harbor last fall, attendees asked for shorter venues but more often…we heard you! .

This half-day summit (Saturday, April 16), sponsored by the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation, will be presented by Dr. Gloria Gilbere titled “How DARE They Call it Food!”. It will be another event you won’t want to miss that will help you understand “You ARE What You Eat” and why so many foods and additives are the underlying causes of your disorders that include, but are not limited to: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive Disorders, Thyroid dysfunction, Weight gain and inability to eliminate it because of Metabolic Modifiers that sabotage your efforts, and much more. Come and bring a friend.

This “Health thru Education” event is limited seating so reserve your space now CLICK HERE:

I’m always being asked what all those marketing terms on eggs REALLY mean so I created a chart to help you better understand all in one clear and concise chart. I always purchase ORGANIC eggs and yet, I’d have terrible stomach issues twice in the last several months from those eggs. Once I tested to see if they’re fresh, they were not but I didn’t test the eggs I cracked before eating them. In the next issue I’ll provide a graphic on exactly how to test your eggs BEFORE you crack them or cook them for hard-boiling…Please share with others…Click to continue reading…

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     You’re most likely one of the 80% of people who have low levels of magnesium and you don’t even know it, until now. Because magnesium is only 1% in your blood, routine blood and urine testing commonly misses its deficiency, for good reason. That said, when you perform a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), all of your nutrient levels show and that’s why this method of testing has been used for decades by scientists and researchers, particularly in anthropology. HTMA is basically the scientific examination of a hair sample taken at the root, preferably at the base of the head…Click to Continue Reading…

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 Hello and thank you for your support as a subscriber of Your Health Detective Blog. As a new BONUS to your subscription, we’ll be offering FREE “Health thru Education” events that include TeleSummits, TeleSeminars and downloads of interviews and educational health events  –  look for them in your blogs along with other special offers.

This FREE event is for you, If you….

  • Are  fed up with mainstream medicine not getting you well;
  • Are tired of medications  for symptom-care with their side effects:
  • Have a health condition which is not resolving, no matter what you try, AND; 
  • You wish there was some other way…

Well there is. Today I’m offering you the opportunity to listen-in on a discussion that could change the course of your entire life…it’s like attending a world-class health conference from the convenience of your home or office – without the inconvenience and high cost of travel…Click Here to Continue Reading…

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