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My Dear Readers: First and foremost at this challenging time our world has been forced to endure, I pray all of you and your loved ones are staying informed, staying smart and staying safe. What do I mean by that? I am absolutely proud at how some communities, like the one I’m in here in the states that are being very conscious and staying home as we are; we only go out once a week to pick up pre-ordered groceries that are loaded into our car without any personal contact other than for me to say, “Be Safe and Thank You for All You Do.” That said, I’m hearing from patients that some of their communities are continuing to open non-essential businesses (beauty salons, nail parlors, etc.) because their particular state or municipality isn’t required to “stay at home” by local or U.S. ordinance…what a shock to me that some people are not taking this pandemic seriously.

PLEASE PLEASE stay home unless you are an essential operation. AND…my prayers and heartfelt appreciation to all those on the front lines who have become our “soldiers” in this fight for our lives, literally. In that I include, but is not limited to, all military, civil defenders, health care professionals, truck drivers, delivery personnel, mail and delivery personnel, etc.

I have made the decision to NOT post any more investigative health articles until at least June 1st so that you can all devote your time and energy in staying healthy and getting to KNOW yourselves like never before. Times like these give us the opportunity to “dig” deep into what is important and how to learn to live in a new reality, the likes of which none of us have ever experienced or even dreamed we’d experience. 

For me, it’s a time to be thankful and reflective of where my life’s turns have taken me and where I will decide what the next chapter of my life will include as I truly believe that we will all look back and believe, “this is the best part of the rest of our lives” and I pray we will all be more tolerant of each other and learn that we truly are all in this together.

A patient sent me the following saying and I slightly adapted for what I hope will shed light on each of you to what awaits at the end of this long dark tunnel:

In this expansive world, we are billions of caterpillars forced into our cocoons; we’re being called upon to change from the inside out – our health and consciousness – to metamorphosize, to rest our tired mind, body and spirit from an ever-demanding life, and reflect what wasn’t working so that we can sprout our wings into a new world of compassion, trust, prosperity, health and beauty.

Be Informed, Be Safe, Dr. Gloria


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