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There isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure for everything. All parts of the body are sums of the whole. Healing is a process, and sometimes taking out things in your life is equally as important as adding new things in.

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The love for my family.

Simply put that’s why I’ve gone down the health journey of research and creating health brands. 

My journey began when my doctor told me that my testosterone levels were low. So I spent hundreds of hours researching what causes low testosterone, and implementing drastic lifestyle changes, such as working out, yoga, supplementation and eating as many fresh, whole foods as possible. My passion for health became more than just a hobby, but a full-time obsession!

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why do we blink

Why Do We Blink? Eye Health Benefits Of Blinking

Key takeaways: Blinking is a natural reflex that helps renew the tear film on your eyes. It helps keep your eyes lubricated and protected from irritation and infections. Blinking exercises may also help with digital eye strain, dry eyes, and discomfort.   Why do we blink? We all have the

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Are Spirulina Tablets Worth Taking?

Article at a glance: Spirulina comes from blue-green microalgae with high protein content and is rich in vitamins and minerals. The easiest way to consume spirulina without worrying about its

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broken cell wall chlorella

Is Broken Cell Wall Chlorella Better?

Article at a glance: Chlorella is a highly nutritious superfood, jam-packed with nutrients. Although it has a thick cell wall, manufacturers use mechanical processes to break or eliminate it for

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