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For over twenty years I’ve focused my consulting practice in helping clients and patients who are very reactive to foods and environmental triggers. I’ve used two nutraceuticals to help manage those frightening allergic responses with great success because many people, including myself, are allergic to ephinephrine, and now these natural formulas have been enhanced specifically for those affected and made specifically for the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation.

FIRST, Buffered C Reaction Response is a unique vitamin C powder that contains 4,350 mg. in one teaspoon. This complex formula supplies a generous dose of buffered vitamin C to not only support immune functions but to also provide that much needed antioxidant protection from simply living in a toxic world.

When I was in the midst of my nightmare with leaky gut syndrome and the resulting allergic responses to most everything (after prescription medications necessitated after a serious accident), this blend was my go-to nutraceutical along with the homeopathic blend I describe below.

High potency, highly absorbable vitamin C helps recover from an allergic response by delivering anti-inflammatory agents and oxygen to cells for a speedier recovery. At the first sign of an allergic response (red blotches, eyes swelling, throat restriction, allergy headache, etc.) I place 1 tsp. in warm water, stir, swish in the mouth about 1-2 minutes so that it begins its work sublingually, and then swallow.

According to an allergy specialist in the U.K., John Mansfield, MD, allergic responses are a result of:

  • A depressed or malfunctioning immune system;
  • An overload of toxins;
  • Nutritional deficiencies, chemicals in foods, i.e. pesticides, preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates, sulfites, etc.;
  • Chronic intestinal yeast overgrowth (candida or candidiasis).

Buffered vitamin C in high doses can have a dramatic effect in improving allergy symptoms, particularly responses to food, hay fever and asthma. This is due to it’s ability to counteract the inflammation responses that are part of these responses. “Vitamin C is one of nature’s miracles,” according to Robert Cathcart MD, who pioneered the technique of taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance (until bowels are loose) – he reverently recommends its use for allergies.

If you were to take this high potency drink daily it could compromise the enamal on the teeth. However, for the times when the urgency of an allergic response arises, it won’t hurt the enamel when only used occasionally. When having to use this blend more often, or for those like me that like adding into my green smoothie daily for its overall health benefits, I always drink through a straw to avoid compromising my tooth enamel.

Vitamin C’s natural antihistamine properties make it a classic allergy treatment. A daily dose of 4,000 mgs, or more, helps reduce the severity of sinus stuffiness and runny nose. When increasing vitamin C take 1,000 — 2,000 mgs every hour until you reach bowel tolerance, i.e. loose stools, and then cut back on the amount a little.

Increase the amount every day and gradually over time your body will become accustomed to the increased dose without creating diarrhea/loose stools. It can take several days to a couple of months to increase doses up to 4,000 mgs per day. However people who need vitamin C the most will find they can tolerate higher doses better than others can. Remember that the high dose of 4,350 mg is what we’ve found effective for relief from an allergic response – you may need to take a different dose for daily maintenance until you find the level your body tolerates.

SECOND, Allergic Response Rescue, a proprietory homeopathic blend that has a time-released action to tame the allergic response – I call it “Nature’s Benedryl”. At the very first sign of an allergic response to anything (food, environmental exposure, insect bite, etc.) I use and recommend what we call an “infusion dose” –  place 6 drops under tongue and hold for about 2-3 minutes before swallowing – repeat three times. The allergic reaction is usually significantly tamed or resolved after 3 doses. If the allergic response is not significantly reduced, be sure to seek medical attention.

NOTE: This homeopathic is formulated to assist with any allergic response that is HOT, RED, SWOLLEN or ITCHY.

Both of these complexes are specifically formulated for the Institute and available exclusively from The Health Matters Store – the one source for nutraceuticals I use and recommend. To order click on each product within the above article.


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