Separating ‘Fit’ From ‘Health’: Taking A Hard Look At Good And Bad Foods

fit vs healthy

I grew up in a very small rural town and like most people born in the 1970’s, I was eating some of the worst foods you could and really did not have the healthiest lifestyle.

Proper health wasn’t taught in schools. Even though I was very active and considered myself to be fit, I wasn’t healthy by any means.

This might sound familiar and you can probably relate to this. Highschool saw me eating sugary cereal like Fruit Loops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms for breakfast. At lunch, I was eating tons of fast food and for dinner, having a mom raising two kids and working full time, well, we often had more fast food for dinner.

Although I always remained active through college, I was still the same; Fit, but not healthy.  As a 27 year-old, that all changed when I opened my work partner’s fridge. It was bare. I was so confused.  I asked, where’s all the food?  

He explained quite simply that if he had junk food around the house, he’d eat it.

This idea, along with a book recommendation from him (Body for Life by Bill Philips) led to my first real health breakthrough.

However, I still had this ingrained belief in the following familiar sounding “known facts” about food and nutrition:

  1. Salt is evil.
  2. Fat is bad.
  3. Carbs will make you fat.

I found out that this was only a little part of the story.

Five years later…

I was attending a Tony Robbins event when I saw a guy on the screen talk about health in a completely different manner. These we’re the answers I was searching for.

He separated “fit” and “health”  and this was when I saw first hand where the typical standard American diet was going wrong.

This sparked a ravenous thirst for knowledge on health and to help everyone out there who’s not seeing results with artificial prescriptions make a change for the better in their lifestyle.

The final kicker for this was the day when I was tested with low testosterone. This was the final realisation that supplementation in the right way can change our health and our lives for the better.

I had spent a long time preaching to my family about healthy eating and living, but were there also health supplements that could help improve things? How much can they help? Do they need to be accompanied by lifestyle changes or can they work on their own?

Living well is an important part of the process that a lot of Americans acknowledge. Eating well is critical to maintaining your health and is something that most people know but don’t fully understand. Even those of us who think we know a lot about what is and isn’t good for us are often not in possession of the full picture.

We want to put a stop to this

We want to help you work out what you need to be the best you can be, to work out what your lifestyle is missing and what can help you realise your potential.

There’s always something else to learn.

When it comes to your health, are you sure you’re not missing something important?


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