5 Best Supplements For Energy And Mood

supplements to boost your energy

Craving improved energy and a better mood? You’re not alone. Many of us look for ways to support better energy levels and feel like we could use a mood boost on the days when our energy levels are dragging.

Plus, a National Safety Council Survey found that 43% of Americans admitted that they might be too tired to function at a safe level at work, so if low energy levels are something that affects you, you totally aren’t alone. (1)

And with low energy levels, it’s hard to have that upbeat, positive mood we all wish we had all the time — sometimes low energy totally sucks the positivity out of us.

The good news is that with some dietary and lifestyle hacks, you may be able to get those energy levels up. Plus, we’re breaking down some supplements for energy and mood that you may not have heard about before.

With positive mood supplements, before we dive in, it’s important to note that not all supplements are created equal, and we have to remember that there’s no “magic pill”. Better energy levels usually requires a holistic approach of getting to the root of what’s causing the fatigue and then addressing all aspects of health to get your energy back up.

Supplements are just that — they are meant to supplement all the other wonderful steps you are taking to support total wellness.

So, let’s get started and talk about the best natural energy supplements for both energy and mood and what the science shows about why they may be beneficial.

Disclaimer: Always speak with your doctor about concerns you have regarding low energy levels to rule out any serious underlying causes and talk to your doctor first before taking new supplements.

The Top 5 Best Supplements For Energy And Mood

#1 Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is something that so many of us simply aren’t getting enough of. Some studies have suggested that vitamin D deficiency is an ignored epidemic. (2)

It’s needed for countless functions in the body, such as bone health, immune function, and mood support. Not to mention the fact that some research suggests that having low levels of vitamin D may lead to unexplained fatigue. (3)

It gives us yet another reason to make sure that we are getting enough, and since it’s generally difficult to get from diet alone, vitamin D is one of those supplements for energy and mood that’s easy to get.

Plus, a deficiency is really easy to test for as it only requires a simple blood test that you can request at your next doctor’s appointment.

Since vitamin D plays such a crucial role in immunity, it’s used in TruSigma’s immune system booster supplements, providing you with 5000 IUs of vitamin D per serving.

#2 Rhodiola

Rhodiola supplement

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that very early research has shown some promising results. Some studies have suggested that Rhodiola may help boost physical performance while decreasing mental fatigue. (4)

Another study suggested that Rhodiola may have memory and cognitive benefits. (5)

Rhodiola is also used in TruSigma’s brain health supplements.

#3 Ashwagandha

Ashwagandh supplement

Here’s another adaptogenic herb that has quite a bit of research behind it for supporting the body’s stress response, and with less stress comes a better mood and improved energy. (6)

Ashwagandha is thought to help improve the body’s resistance to stress and thus improve the quality of life — if we are more balanced, we feel better!

#4 Vitamin B12

B vitamins are important for turning the foods we eat into energy, and B12 plays a key role in energy metabolism. (7) And, while we can get B12 from foods (mostly animal products like eggs, beef, and fish), vegans and vegetarians may not get enough.

This is where supplementation comes into play, and it’s one of the most talked-about energy supplements that’s also easy to use. You can find a wide variety of options from sublingual to liquid B12 options.

You’ll also find B12 as methylcobalamin in many TruSigma products, which is the naturally occurring form of B12 vs the synthetic (cyanocobalamin) that’s often found in supplement products. (8)

#5 Probiotics

We can’t talk about supplements for energy and mood without talking about gut health. Why? Well, the gut and the brain are interconnected thanks to the gut-brain connection, and research suggests that our gut bacteria may influence our mood. (9) Research has also indicated that there is a connection between the gut microbiota and mood disorders, giving us a really important reason to make supporting the health of our gut a priority. (10)

So, in addition to reducing as much stress as you possibly can, eating clean, and exercising regularly, studies show that probiotics may be able to help boost mood. (11)

Support Energy Levels For a Better Mood

Improved energy levels and a positive mood really do go hand in hand. We can’t be in a good mood if we are totally drained and exhausted. This is where supporting those energy levels comes in, and getting to the underlying cause of the fatigue is the first place to start.

We have to live a healthy lifestyle with proper sleep habits, eating well, and exercising regularly. And, with the right supplementation (after being approved by your doctor), a well-rounded approach to supporting energy may be exactly what you need to get that pep back in your step.

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